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Xolo Offers Its Customers a Fully-Licensed German Bank Account

Allan Martinson
Foto: Ivar Kuldver
From now Xolo offers all new customers of Xolo Leap a fully-licensed German bank account, available online through Xolo platform. The banking functionality is provided by Wirecard.

This has removed the last obstacle for a quick and seamless launch of an EU company through Estonia’s e-Residency program. Previously, the customers either needed to travel to visit the bank or opted for using e-money providers such as TransferWise.

“We have been working towards this day for more than a year. While getting e-Residency and incorporating a company is fairly easy, getting a bank account has been a major hurdle. Needless to say, this has been the number one service our customers have been asking for,” said Xolo CEO Allan Martinson.

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Over 30,000 solopreneurs globally have signed up with Xolo. They are launching either their fully-owned, Estonian-registered companies or using Xolo’s unique partnership-based “virtual company” model. Xolo manages a third of companies incorporated by Estonia’s e-residents. “This new partnership marks a significant step for Xolo as we strive to establish a new virtual nation for freelancers and solopreneurs,” said Martinson.

The cooperation with Wirecard follows a successful Series A funding round, the launch of the “virtual company” service and the roll-out of a mobile app in 2019.


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