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Codemagic Most Popular Tool Among Flutter Mobile App Developers

Nevercode team
Foto: Preben Madsen
Last year Estonian startup Nevercode became the official cooperation partner of Google’s new software development kit Flutter and its dedicated tool Codemagic is now highly recognized by mobile app developers.

According to Flutter’s quarterly report Q4 2019 satisfaction survey results overview on Medium, Codemagic is the most preferred Continuous Integration and Delivery CI/CD service provider for developers using Flutter software development toolkit to create apps.

Martin Jeret, CEO of Nevercode, commented on the top results: „We have a great team and we love Flutter. I think if you listen to the people and try to get to the bottom of the why rather than what they are looking for in the product then you will build a great product. We have been very blessed to be so well received by the community.“

According to the survey, Codemagic outperformed established competitors like GitLab, GitHub Actions and Jenkins CI/CD. In Jeret's opinion being a small company allows them to be more product focused and less management focused.

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Top three services had less than 74% satisfaction level, which, according to JaYoung Lee and Tao Dong, UX Researchers at Google, is not bad, but lower than what they see in other measures of Flutter satisfaction. In order to improve the satisfaction level, Nevercode is focusing on further improving user experience to reduce the time people spend on their web app. „Ideally it should be 0. We need to help people debug their builds,“ Jeret said. To achieve this, a few product releases are on the way. „Finally we are improving the way we identify Google Play and App Store distribution errors so people can get results faster and quickly identify configuration errors,“ he concluded.

Flutter is Google's mobile user interface UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

Codemagic is a Continuous Integration and Delivery CI/CD tool built by Nevercode for Flutter and other mobile app projects.


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