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Global Tech Community To Mobilise In The Largest Online Hackathon

Toomas Hendrik Ilves (on the left) with Estonian tech entrepreneurs Sten Tamkivi (in the middle) and Kristel Kruustük
Global tech community is calling out to everyone to join „the Global Hack“ online event.

The initiative started from Estonia with „Hack the Crisis“ hackathon, organised by the Government's innovation project Accelerate Estonia, hackathon organising foundation Garage48 and innovation research platform Guaana, and it has rapidly grown into a worldwide movement.

The global hackathon will share and rapidly develop ideas for urgently needed solutions to the socio-economic crisis and develop new ideas to increase resilience in post-crisis.

The online hackathon „the Global Hack“ will run from 09-12 April and is expected to attract over 1 million participants from innovators and designers, to global leaders, industry experts, policy makers, media and investors. This global hackathon could have a massive social and economical impact.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia from 2006 to 2016, commented the extent of the coming event: „It will be the biggest hackathon held, uniting humanity with purpose online at a time we are being physically separated. This is a unique time when the whole world is fighting the same problem together. If we move fast, "the Global Hack" can relieve a lot of immediate pain people are suffering as well as sustained social and economic benefits.“

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In 2 weeks more than 30 countries have held „Hack the Crisis“ online hackathons with over 100,000 participants. „From India to Brazil people have found a way to invest their time and effort to create solutions with significant socio-economic impact. We have seen solutions in the areas of medicine, community management, business development,“ Ilves added.

Register your idea here and join the movement.

Countries that have already joined the movement: Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Moldova, Germany, Belarus, India, UK, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Hungary, Canada, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Netherlands, Afganistan, Republic of Kosovo, Denmark, Australia, Cyprus, Albania, Madagascar, Benin, Georgia. And the list is growing.


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