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HealthTech Startup Shares TOP Meditation App With Estonia In Crisis

Founder of Synctuition Allan Eesmaa
Foto: Aron Urb
Over 10 years in development, an Estonian made mindfulness and relaxation app, Synctuition, recently entered Top 5 mindfulness apps in the United States with 3 million downloads. Now, the makers of Synctuition are offering the app free of charge to all those living in Estonia to boost their mental health during the crisis.

In just a year after the app came out in 2019, it has achieved a phenomenal global success with Google selecting it as one of the Top 10 fastest growing startups in Europe. As the current crisis continues, the demand for the app is growing at an unprecedented rate.

As the world continues to go through the COVID-19 crisis, the focus is gradually shifting from concerns for the physical health to its short term and long-term effect on people’s mental health. “It’s no surprise that we will hear more and more about this in the media,” said Synctuition’s founder and CTO, Allan Eesmaa.

“Experts theorize that we experience from 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. In our current circumstances, the majority of these thoughts are connected with the ongoing crisis, economic uncertainty, having to stay inside all the time and not knowing what tomorrow or next week will bring. All these thoughts are very overwhelming and most likely creating more stress and anxiety in people’s mind. On top of this, the downpour of negative information on the news and anxiety-provoking websites impact our mental health, our sleep and ability to withstand every-day challenges – working from home and home-schooling our children,” Eesmaa said.

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He added that in the times of uncertainty people need to pay more attention not only to their physical health but also mental health. “Unfortunately, people mainly focus on their physical state, whether they’re doing enough exercises to keep fit or not. At the same time, one should regularly take care of their mental wellbeing, because numerous scientific studies have shown that negativity and stress weaken also the immune system, at a time when we need it to be strongest,” said Eesmaa.

Like many other startup services, Synctuition has also decided to offer the app free of charge for the period of the national emergency for everyone living in Estonia. “As we go through this crisis together, we wanted to make sure that everyone in Estonia has an equal opportunity to take care of their mental health,” said Eesmaa.

SPA experience at home

In just 25 minutes per day practicing mindfulness can help achieve balance. “What we created with this technology is like a refreshing spa experience for your mind, which requires nothing more than a smartphone and headphones,” says Eesmaa. “It’s so simple, anybody can use it at the comfort of their own home.”

Synctuition boasts a unique blend of technologies such as binaural beats, rhythmic entrainment, ASRM, and most importantly, it’s the world’s first audio relaxation app to be recorded fully with 3D sounds. This technology resulted in what Eesmaa said can be compared to “mind movies” as they trick your mind and make you feel like you are somewhere else when you close your eyes. “An easy way to relax at the end of a hard day resulting in better sleep, more energy, less stress and a boost in positivity,” noted Eesmaa.

Over 13 000 sounds recorded in 2000 exotic places

The Estonian startup has recorded over 13 000 sounds live in breathtaking places over the world. “It represents the culmination of a massive sound recording project undertaken in over 2000 exotic places and unique locations. Over 1500 people have been involved in the project,” explained Eesmaa.

Synctuition is available free of charge for everyone with an Estonian IP.

Synctuition is an Estonian healthtech B2C start up with a global reach. There are currently 50 people working on the app in Estonia, USA and Israel. In its first year, the app has become one of the world’s leading meditation apps with over 3 million users in Europe, US and Asia. In 2019 the startup was also selected by Google among TOP 10 fastest growing startups in Europe. The company is currently closing an investment round of $ 100 million.


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